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Hanna Jia

Committee Chair, Operation Equity

Hanna is a 4th year medical student pursuing a career in Urology. Originally from Maryland, she studied biology and graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. During medical school, she has felt honored to serve as the Community Building Coordinator for the UCHC student-run clinic as well as the Communications Chair for the Student Curriculum Council. Previously, she also served as an Associate Director for Communications and Special Initiatives for CSH, in which she led branding and social media development. She has also worked on several surgical outcomes research projects, and is particularly interested in quality of life outcomes. She is passionate about merging her interests in surgery and advocacy as a part of CSH, and is excited to continue to develop surgical equity curriculum in her new role. In her free time, she enjoys golf, local coffee shops, and crossword puzzles.

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